Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trip to Istanbul

Best way to show you the photos from the stay in Istanbul.  I cannot load any of the usual photo programs on my computer.
Aga Sofya - a Christian temple until around 500 AD when it became a mosque but much of the original church was saved by the Sultan,  It was very beautiful.

Having Craig's favourite lunch because we both ate a full meal for a total of AU$10.  Very simple but delicious in a non tourist area.  Sorry so many of these photos are with me in them.  The Professor controls the camera.

Mosaic in Aya Sofya

Inside the Grand Bazaar.  A huge place.  We went veyr ealry to miss the crowds but still a lot of people.

Inside Aya Sofya

We got caught in a very busy and narrow street after we left the Spice Markets.  This doesn't quite show the enormous number of people and they all just bump into you.  Proud to say we both kept our cool.  By the same token everyone is very friendly in Turkey.  They love Aussies and Kiwis so we were OK.

A typical street scene.

We all think he is a saint and here is the aura

Spices in the Spice Market.  The colours are beautiful

Outside Aya Sofya
Craig loved the patisseries especially for the turkish delight (see below).  I just went along to humour him....not

Inside the Aya Sofya showing the hanging chandeoliers which seme to be suspended in mid air

This is a slab of marble with Islamic text carved into it.  We really loved this and are having it made into wallpaper for our lounge room.


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