Monday, June 15, 2009

Here In Gothenburg in my Studio

Well, here we are at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg. Great place as you can see. We have now been here five days and settled in fairly well, with the huge help of our friends Michael and Karena.

As you can see from the video it basic, nothing flashy but really comfortable. Great atmosphere. We are both loving it. There is a studio which we are also using for a bedroom, a kitchen and bathroom as well as a bedroom which is quite small. We are not using it (and I forgot to show it on the video.) You can see the door on the right of the front entrance. This is my first video so I promise I will get better at it - but I love the way it jiggles as I limp down the stairs with my wonky knee.

Konstepidemin (konst = art and epidemin = epidemic) is an old hospital from early last century where people were isolated with tuberculosis, scarlet fever, etc. It is a huge place with 105 artist studios housing 135 artists, musicians and writers. There are also 5 studio/apartments for visiting artists on residencies. You apply for residencies from one month upwards and pay only for the accommodation. (A word to my kids - Dom, there are quite a few musicians here and Phoebe, there are no fashion people yet - so what are you waiting for?) We are high on a hill in the centre of the city but sheltered from the sounds of the city by buildings and bush. It is just beautiful.

You can learn more about the place by googling Konstepidemin, Gothenburg.

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