Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Work this Past Week

A productive first week for me. Monday to Thursday I have been working on my wooodcut plates. I my first blog from here I explained that I had decided to do a series of portraits based on the Kostal Boda glass desingners. I completed 7 this week and plan to do another 3 or 4 before I start printing. You can see them below. But please scroll on down to a series of posts showing what else we have been doing here. Having a wonderful time of course.
But first a candid shot of Craig working in the studio. Mostly, he is five minutes away at the University where he has an office and is getting lots of uninterrupted work done. He is snjoying it here and the studio is extremely quiet to work in. This looks very Swedish to me.
And here are the plates. These of course are used to make prints on paper which I will then multi-media to produce what I hope will be some interesting work. This is a young male designer, Ludvig Lofren

Not easy to do smiling people especially in wood so I am happy with this. Her name is Lena Bergstrom
And a very famous designer, Ingegerd Raman

Erika Lagerbielke

Aya Jungnelius, another young designer
Probably my favourite piece as far as technique goes - Anne Nilsson

And finally for this week, Ann Wahlstrom. This week I will defintely plan to show you how I do these. I would like to do a video but I don't have the program to piece the short videos together to show the progressive work so I will just do a progression of still photos for you.

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